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January 1, 2018

This year I would like to offer you a monthly wallpaper featuring as usual cute and delightful critters of all sorts based on the corresponding seasons of their releases. Check the Downloads page each month as we will reveal new wallpapers!


In fact this monthly wallpaper concept is an idea that has been floating in my mind since few years but couldn’t be done due to other side projects. At least I’m now happy to finally get a chance to make these — North Hemisphere-based — seasonal wallpapers.


So here we go new year! Hope you all had a great and happy time during these holidays.

As holidays are already almost over it will be again time to catch up with everything. u_u

We also had the opportunity to get one of our illustration featured in the November 2017 issue of Babel: The Language Magazine, published by the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom, to  illustrate a linguistics-themed game on zoonyms (animal names) in foreign languages.


Did you know that the Russian word for "seal" literally translates as "sea kitty”?


August 5, 2017

I'm excited to announce that I finally opened a Society6 store!

Don't be shy, Mrs. Greymouse invite you! https://society6.com/cappippuni


Also, because a single news isn’t enough (and doesn’t help in our production of pinecones), here’s… another news in-a-row!

Another creature told me they are also now on Dribbble! https://dribbble.com/cappippuni


Let's the critters conquers the human world! Here we go!


June 19, 2017

I’m happy to announce a little project involving everyone willing to be part of and which was planned since some time. Adopt a critter!


The idea behind this project is to let anyone with a webpage selecting the lil’ animal (made of purr love!) of their liking between 20 different species then linking their site or page via their animal here and optionally vice-versa, thus letting discovering new people.


The details about how to enter are provided at the following page:



Depending of the numbers of entries more critters may be added in the future.


Please give lots of love and cuddlin’ to these special tiny critters, all they need is a happy home and a happy hooman! ^_^


May 31, 2017

With the very recent opening of this site (and still wondering how to sort all that huge invisible mess while needing to fix many, many things here and there and everywhere, argh!) we added a first freebie to download for your personal desktop use.

In fact this icon set was designed quite a while from now, based around the soft-shaded isometric icons first revealed in an early public test release of Windows 10 in mid-2015.

Being mainly a Mac user, I admit I quite like the art style of these icons in use across most of the other operating system so as a personal practice I wanted to made some vector-based icons in the same approximate style and shadings.


Not intended to be a full-blown icon pack, those are more likely made to be used besides the default ones displayed as example.


As another side quick test, I made a folder icon inspired by the older design used in OS X 10.4 and earlier while keeping the visuals of Windows 10. Maybe to be expanded into a larger set later, why not?


Otherwise we are preparing more surprises (who said critters?) coming soon but ssht… ^-^


Meanwhile have a yummy time and be reasonable, don’t eat them all at once!


May 13, 2017

Where’s that crate full of pinecones? Be careful with the fresh pa… Oh... Hi there.

Well… After a very, very, veryyyy long time without any updates and new thingies I’m happy to announce that the site is finally live! Welcome back!


It was initially planned to be opened way earlier but *cough* some critters has took over this place as their own when they heard about big pinecones trading opportunities in the area.  

More seriously, we are still sorting some little thingies here and there, so don’t be afraid if you may encounter some messy, missing and glitchy stuff here and there.

Don’t hesitate to leave me any feedbacks via social medias if possible. :o)


Also before leaving, feel free to take a peek in the Downloads part, fresh goodies for your shiny sparkly computer desktop are waiting to be picked up!

Grab ‘em directly on the shelves!


April 29, 2014

My little contribution to the Character Selfie project will be part of the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery installation in art space Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin from April 30 to May 11 for the

10th Pictoplasma Festival.

After then the exhibition will fly over the big pond to Monterrey in Mexico to be presented in the Museum for Contemporary Art MARCO from September 2014 to January 2015.

So awesome (and no unattended duck face, promised)! ^o^

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Greetings from Clermont-Ferrand, France