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March 27, 2014

One of the details I care a lot on my computer are icons.

Being an underrated element in several cases, I guilty admit my first rough impressions goes on the graphics. A bit frustrating when a great application does its job as wanted but have a ugly icon or UI design aesthetic coming straight from Windows 95, heh?

Enjoying myself to collect thousands of icons from all around the web since about a decade from now and occasionally using some of them as replacements for some of my favorites apps, I made this icon some time ago for a little utility I use a lot.

Looks good for a note-taking app, RSS feed reader or time tracking app in the Dock.


Dedicated to tea and coffee-addicted (because I suppose those are good desk companion for many of us aren’t you? ;)

Initially this icon was part of a cancelled personal icon set project I begun years ago.

From all of of the few ones already made this little cup of tea (sorry coffee lovers) caught my attention so I decided to see how I could improve it.

Below are the different designs over the time I learned and experimented new techniques, from the original one at the left to the final icon at the most right.

Before this icon slip somewhere into the lost deepness of my hard disk I would share it so it will never be lost. Grab this cup of tea while it’s hot!


Only for personal use on your computer, please do not use or redistribute it elsewhere. Enjoy!


December 6, 2013

Holy cupcake! One of my work has been featured on the character design curated selection on Behance, so happy!

What a big surprise when I saw that in my email inbox this morning, still half woke up, first coffee of the day!

Also don’t hesitate to discover many more awesome stuff from other artists there, lots of characters who bring inspiration!

Thanks again to the Behance staff! :)

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