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Some strange forest critters said I made illustrations thingies, some other said I secretly manufacture icons while the rest have heard I also make character design.



Before one of those critters come here, I would say that I am an illustrator and character designer based in a place with high quality pinecones living in a small city somewhere in the middle of France (yes, I natively speak French besides cat language. Vive les omelettes au fromage!).

I enjoy creating cute little characters that inspire happiness, playfulness and imagination for different formats.


I mainly take my inspiration into Japanese kawaii culture, nature and anything else which could make me happy.

Oh and I have real critters too, more exactly cats. I love cats. Cats are fun.




Hey! I noticed there aren’t enough acorns in our warehouse… Where’s the manager?




I mainly use Adobe Photoshop for all of my works.

And always leaving some music in the background. Oh! And coffee too.

© 2018 Cappippuni

Greetings from Clermont-Ferrand, France