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Mmmm… Can you smell that warm bread loaf in the oven? Here’s a little selection of some of our latest yummy foods, freshly coming out from our kitchen! Yum!

Do you like flan? Or are you more a cupcake person? With milk or tea?

B… But… Will you be able to eat these cute happy little faces?


This icon set contains 9 very delicious icons (and some bonus ones) designed for high-definition displays, up to 1024×1024 (macOS) and 256×256 (Windows) pixels formats.


Grab ‘em before someone else eat them, om nom nom!




And sorry for the broken egg, our critters staff is *cough* quite often clumsy…




Strictly only for personal desktop use.

Please do not republish, repackage, alter, sold or use these icons elsewhere in any forms and/or supports without explicit authorization.

For any inquiries, special use or questions contact me via the Contact page.

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